The Significance of Christmas

My, Devotion to Him #257 No one else in human history from any other religion has come and given His life for us. No one else cared enough to sacrifice everything for love. A love that ran so deep it saw through all the faults, mistakes, screw ups, sins, and blemishes. It was a loveContinue reading “The Significance of Christmas”

Share The Faith

My, Devotion to Him #256 Jesus met a woman at a well. The well is of no importance but the event that was about to take place is very important. This woman had been through some tough times, she had been through five marriages, and was living with another man who was not her husband.Continue reading “Share The Faith”

A Different Kind of Love

My Devotion to Him #255 It’s interesting how much we say “love”. We say it for everything; I love pizza, I love my wife, I love my dog, I love my house, I love my school, work, job, kids, car, state, sports team, and the list just grows and grows. But another interesting aspect ofContinue reading “A Different Kind of Love”