Jacob Olinger was born and raised in Garden City, KS (think the old Wild West). He married his high school sweet heart and childhood crush Mariah Olinger in May of 2014. After spending time in prayer focused on future parenthood, and spiritual walk/growth both felt a pull to move to Sevierville, TN where they still currently reside. Shortly after moving to Tennessee towards the end of 2016 Jacob felt the call and instruction to write, publish, and spread christian spiritual teachings no matter how many would get upset over it. Thus Spirit Warrior Ministry was created. In November of 2017 their daughter Ariah (whose name means Lioness of God) was born. And the mission expanded to include her as well. Spirit Warrior Ministries online approach would allow the Word of God to spread like fire. Since 2017 SWM reached over 50,000 website views and had reached 115 countries with very minimal cost. Jacob has Authored two books and has wrote over 300 devotionals. He has spent over a decade in various church positions/ministries. He has been attacked by fellow believers in Christ, and false prophets and teachers in Africa. Jacob and Mariah felt they were to expand and go into Youth Ministry but were swiftly rejected by almost 30 different churches. All of this has happened due to being viewed by various church’s as radical, wrong, impractical, troubling, and some claimed these devotionals were decisive in going against the Church and its Pastors. However, he continues forward. A battle is brewing and he seeks to help awaken a sleeping army.

SWM continues to expand having reached over 1,100,000 people through online platforms and gathering 5,000 followers.

SWM works on producing audio devotionals, written works, and in 2022 launched “Faith Factor” a clothing brand.

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