Living For Christ Part 3

My, Devotion to Him #300 Living for Christ part 3 is our series’s final part.  Before we begin, let’s hit the prior principles that we’ve covered so far. Trust and acknowledge Him A willing heart Recognizing God’s Grace Understand Christ is the source Recognize that God has a purpose for you Obedience brings blessings InContinue reading “Living For Christ Part 3”

Living For Christ Part 2

My, Devotion to Him #299 In the last devotional, we looked at the first 3 principles of living for Christ. Trust and acknowledging Him A willing heart Recognizing God’s Grace In this message, we are continuing in that same direction. So let’s get to it. Understand Christ is the source. Verse Passage: John 15:4-5 “RemainContinue reading “Living For Christ Part 2”