Spiritual Food

My, Devotion to Him #16

VERSE PASSAGE: John 4:32 But he said to them, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.” – NIV

As you know food is necessary for life. Without it you couldn’t grow or be healthy. You get strength from food. Yet, it can do harm. Food can kill. Improper use of diets, or improper use of food kills people.

Our soul needs food too. The things we think on and the desires that we have are food to our souls. So, this isn’t food from Wendy’s or McDonald’s. Our soul need spiritual food, food that takes time to make, is well balanced, and is the right portion to promote growth. A clear statement on this is found in Matthew 4:4. In which Jesus states we cannot live by earthly food alone, but by the word of God. 

Jesus valued spiritual food more than He valued physical food. He was happy in John 4:32. Why? Because the verses before state that the woman had went back into town to gather the people to come see Jesus. Jesus ended up staying two extra days there to minister. Jesus’ food was the word of God, it was every word that came from God, it was God’s will. Jesus was fed up by spiritual food. And He stated He had food that disciples knew nothing of. He wasn’t hiding food in a bag. He was chewing on God’s Holy word.

We should set our desires on the things of God so that spiritual things are more important to us than our physical food. Now, I’m not saying to just starve yourself. But, when you get hungry what do you do? Eat. Sometimes we don’t even have to be that hungry but because it is breakfast time, lunch time, or dinner time. We eat. We are set on a schedule. Just as we are set in the physical realm, we need to be set in the spiritual realm. When we don’t eat our body slows down, we get tired, we lose energy. And if we go to long without food the health of our body can become a serious issue. 

The wrong spiritual diet for our souls is the cause of failure and depression in Christians. In our health conscious world, some wouldn’t want their bodies hooked on bad diets. Yet in the spirit area, they are okay in starvation.  

Do not feed on the wrong things. Treat yourself to a healthy spiritual meal today.


1. Do not starve your spirit. 

2. The things you ponder on and the desires you set our food for your soul. Be carful. 

3. Your spiritual life needs food as our physical body does. Feed on the word of God.

4. Just as you have a schedule for eating we need to have the same standards for feeding our spirit. 
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Copyright © 2017 by Jacob D. Olinger

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