5 Ways To Read The Bible

My, Devotion to Him #78

1. Reading At Random 

This is the most common way of reading the Bible. Simply pick up the Bible, open it to some random page and read. A common problem with this style of reading is simply missing out on the full message. It could be a passage that is linked to a verse or more before it. There could be context setting in prior verses that could be helpful. Small, medium, and large golden nuggets that could be missed by a randomized reading approach rather than an actual systematic style. 

2. Reading Chapter by Chapter 

Many people I’ve heard over the time state that Chapter by Chapter reading is joyous. There has been many things discovered by reading this way. Chapter by Chapter is the most commonly used style of reading when it comes to other types of books. People read all kinds of books and more times than not it’s Chapter by Chapter. Why? Because it’s a story and people like to read the details and figure out what’s going on as it’s happening. Rather than picking up at some random place and trying to figure it out without having any prior information. I watch a lot tv series. No because we have cable but I go and rent series. I watch each episode in order, disc by disc, season by season. Why? Because I like to watch as the story goes on and I’m watching everything unfold as it’s happening. I don’t like watching stuff that are linked to a series because I don’t know if there’s any prior information that I need to know. I like knowing the details. Same is such with people who read Chapter by Chapter. 

3. Reading Book by Book 

Originally chapters and verses were not apart of the books of the Bible. Each book was itself a scroll all alone. So that being said. It could be of value to read each book of the Bible by itself and in one setting. To take it all in at one time. I would say this is not for new born again Christians. And more should be sought for times of study or heavy reading. 

4. Reading by themes

An interesting way of reading the Bible is by reading the themes of the Bible. Grab a concordance or topical Bible and start exploring the various themes that are all throughout the Bible. A great bible to help jump start themes is the Holman Rainbow NIV Bible. This Bible color codes over a dozen themes throughout the Bible to help the reader not only read based on themes. But to also help the reader understand the underlying theme of the passage to better understand the mood or subject of discussion. 

5. Reading with Prayer 

This is something I have rarely heard of. This is when a person comes to God in prayer and seeks the Spirit to lay a passage on their hearts for them to read. After reading the passage to send dedicated time meditating on the passage. 

So there is the 5 ways to read the Bible that I have found. I advised all newly born again Christians or Christians who are still trying to understand the Bible to start in the New Testament. With places like Romans and Acts. There are some books of the Bible that are filled with Christian Foundations. These books help the Christian to build their faith in Christ, to understand Him, to help their relationship with Him, and to help them find their identity in Him. 

God bless you my brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Copyright © 2017 by Jacob D. Olinger

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