Continue His Ministry

My, Devotion to Him #107

Today, some want to see Jesus. They want to see Him in physical form they want to touch Him and converse with Him and that’s not just church people. For to long people have desired to see His and not realize that He is already inside of us. We are His physical body on this earth now! 

Verse passage: Ephesians 5:30 “for we are members of his body.” – NIV

Failing to understand this concept could potentially be a disaster for the church and the world. If His body does not preach the good news of Jesus Christ. The good news does not get preached and thus does not get heard. If His body does not reach out to the hurting and broken. Then His Ministry to them is cut short. If His body does not reach out to this sick and dying world. Then the world will continue to stay and sick and will continue to die without knowing Jesus. 

The thought of this is alarming. And still this thought will come as a surprise to the members of His body. For some people they think Jesus changed after He rose from death and ascended into Heaven. Someone the thought that His interest in ministering personally to people like He did when He was on earth stopped. The thought that preaching the good news to anyone that will hear it has stopped. The thought that the church is to gather together on Sundays and just hold on till Jesus comes is now the new mission. This is far from the truth. Jesus didn’t change nor will He. He is the same today as yesterday and He will remain the same tomorrow. He wants the good news preached. It don’t matter if it’s on tv, radio, magazines, newspaper, online, videos, music, door to door, in churches, on street corners, crusades, dramas, dance, billboards, yard signs, Facebook, YouTube, tweeter, or anything else. The Good News is what needs to be preached! By any and all means. The world is adapting to connect to more people and to keep people more informed and yet some within His body thinks the good news of Jesus can not be told within the four walls of the church and even that is on a decline. 

Jesus wants the demons casted out, sick people cleansed, the hurt mended, the broken restored. He wants the lost to be found, the dying revived. Jesus wants the masses to know His name and to know that He loves them and that He gave His life for them! 

If you have been saved you are the body of Jesus. If you have been lost as to what you should do in this life I am telling you now there is all but one mission. Be the messenger of Jesus Christ. Preaching comes in many forms and doesn’t always resort to someone at the pulpit preaching within a church. 

God has made us in His image and have gifted us with all sorts of talents in which makes this mission possible for every believer. This mission is not just for people who have a degree in theology. This mission was given to us by the Holy One that lives within each and every single person. He is no respecter of persons and has granted us with the same people to do works in His name and  bring the lost home. 

God bless.

Copyright © 2018 by Jacob D. Olinger

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