Victory Through Tears

My, Devotion to Him #234

Verse Passage: Psalm 44:11 “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.” – NIV

I would say close your eyes and picture something but then that wouldn’t help because you couldn’t read this. So follow along and envision this as you read along. 

I went to a prayer group years ago and it was at someones house. We started with a prayer and then someone turned on the music and we just started to pray. Some laid down face first, others walked around, and a few stood and even a few were siting. One thing amazing about prayer is you don’t have to stand or lay down for it to work. You just need to start. Most of us that were praying that night were praying in the spirit (spiritual tongues) then we all came together. We locked hands and just started to pray for one another. We prayed in tongues and then some prayed in English over the person they were to be praying for. We started to cry and weep. We were all praying for each others pain, struggles, failings. We were seeking God to intervene with blessings, anointing, healing, and growth. It was undeniable that God was moving. The desire for God and the urgency for Him was heavy. God did not disappoint as He never does. His presence was visible and the atmosphere was totally different than when we had first began. 

Finally, a release came. The air was filled with contentment. There was a warm loving feeling in the room. God was around. Healing had taken place. We had lifted up praise and worship to the Lord, even when we had failed, when we had struggled, when we had messed up, and even when we were hurting. 

There was a powerful amount of blessing released and sent waves of change. Moments like these can have a permanent reminder in our minds to praise God in all things and in all situations. What you are going through is important but what is more important for you is to remember that God is still the same. He has never changed and will never change. He is always willing and able to deliver us and bring us hope, healing, and comfort. 

Tears do not make you weak. Bring those tears to the Father. He will let you release what is built up inside you and then when your done, He will be there to wipe your tears away and embrace you. He will provide healing for the hurting, and mend those that are broken, He will overcome despair and shine hope. He will drown out depression and bring and overflow of joy into your life.

There is VICTORY even through tears.

God bless!

Copyright © 2020 by Jacob Olinger

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