The Society Of Idols

My, Devotion to Him #250

We’ve all come around to know that our society is full idols. People drool over businesses, people, brands, etc. We are surrounded by greed and lust for these things. But we are also a society that is obsessed with results. A society that is performance oriented and we strive to do whatever is needed no matter the cost to get it done. We continue on this path, even if our family suffers. We continue, even if the ministry of God suffers. We will literally do everything in order to get the results of money, jobs, items, status and whatever else we may want. 

This madness is constantly fueled by our society over and over. We are rewarded for our performance in school, sports, and on the job.. But God doesn’t think like that. His thoughts and ways are far above ours. He is not impressed by your “empty rituals.” He wants you to listen to Him! Feelings and emotions are powerful and they are rarely objective. When we base our worth as a Christian on our performance as a flawed human; satan, demons, and the dark powers of this earth can have a field day with you. He is the “Accuser of our brethren” the devil wants nothing more than to remind you constantly of your failures: all the mistakes you’ve ever made, every time you fail at a job or don’t get the results you are wanting. Every time you lose he wants to be there to degrade your worth; to remind you that you have no value and that you have nothing to offer. So we continue to loath, lust, and desire everyone around us who are successful. We are worshipping in a society of idols and the question to you is are worshipping these idols along with this world?

He wants you to lose control. 

– Losing your temper around family, friends, co-workers, church family. This starts to break down those relationships and alter those peoples perception of you. 

– Criticizing everyone around you. This once again alters people perception of you but it also fuels satan’s own agenda and this implants seeds around that people are not doing enough, doing it right, they are failures, they are worthless. 

– Fail to speak up for what’s right. The agenda of the lamb constantly spoke up for what was right and defended righteous causes. When we fail to speak up for what’s right or support something that is within biblical standards we do in return fail to uphold God’s agenda. When we do not support or fail to speak up for what’s right then we are in the same manner supporting and speaking up for all that is wrong. If the Bible says it’s wrong then its wrong and your opinion does not matter. We have guidelines to follow as followers of Christ. We cannot support the wrong and terrible things that go against God’s Word while at the same time proclaiming we are Christians. 

– Letting a misconception go unchecked in order to make yourself look better. (enough said)

David said “If you, Lord, kept a record of sins. Who could stand?” Even the most disciplined believer has areas where he or she struggles and yes even fail at. This is why we need God’s amazing grace and forgiveness. We need to recognize that, He knows how weak we are, and He is not surprised when we fail, even when we have given our best efforts and had the best intention. Our love for Jesus is God’s way of seeing the results and our performance. You see the more we love Jesus the more we would want to spend time getting to know Him (praise, worship, prayer, reading). The more we grow in a deep relationship the more we are in a constant state of renewal and abiding in Him. The more we lose Him the more we begin to hate the world (not it’s people) and the more we are transformed into His very likeness. 

So let’s stop measuring ourselves to other Christians that we may have inadvertently idolized. Let’s instead seek Him, be with Him, grow with Him, learn from Him and abide with Him. This is all He longs for. If you follow the world you will constantly have to do more and more in order to reaffirm your worth with the world. But with God, He said I loved you so much as a person, as a human being I have found you to be so precious that I sent my child to bare your sins, to be punished for the sins, and to die for the sins. I did this to show not only my love for you but how priceless you are to me. I have sent my son so that you may have life. So that when this world fades away you can be with me forever and ever in paradise. 

The world has deemed you worthless unless you can keep up with new advancements, if you work over 50-60 hours a week, if you sale more than anyone, if you do this or that then they will  tell you that you have worth in this life. But God has already deemed you to be of the highest worth that no man can take away! We need to stop looking for our worth in this world because He has already declared it and given it to us! 

God bless!

Verses studied:

  • Psalm 130:3
  • Isaiah 55:8-9
  • 1 Samuel 15:22
  • Revelations 12:10
  • Psalm 103:14

Copyright © 2020 by Jacob Olinger

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