Into The Unknown

My, Devotion to Him #275

As a child I was afraid of the dark. Not like super afraid of the dark. You see I use to have really bad nightmares as a child so I associated the dark with those nightmares, but in reality I was afraid of the unknown “dangers” that was in the dark. It wasn’t what was in the dark that I was afraid of because we all know that there is nothing in the dark, but I was afraid of the unknown, of not being able to see what awaited me in the dark. Now 20 something years later I have a son who is afraid of the dark. Slowly but surely I have been walking him through his fear of his journey into the unknown.

Paul in Acts 20 states “And now, behold, bound by the Spirit, I am on my way to Jerusalem, not knowing what will happen to me there”. Paul knew where he had to go but was still on a journey into the unknown. He himself was compelled by the Holy Spirit to go to Jerusalem but still going to the unknown. The unknown because he could not see what awaited him there.

To be honest we are all like Paul, my son and even myself, we are all on a journey into the unknown. I remember when I was first born again that it seemed so easy to follow Jesus. Just to jump right in and go with him where ever that may lead because I just trusted Jesus so easily. Now years later I sometimes have difficulty trusting Jesus because of the unknown.

We are all afraid of the unknown that lies before us in the darkness. We can not see what is there but we must learn to trust the voice of Holy Spirit to lead us and to guide us. While helping my son get over his fear of the unknown I have went with him into the room of the unknown in total darkness not holding his hand and once we are in there I turn on the light. I am always with him in the unknown where he can not see what is before him. All he can do is hear my voice. I am his comfort, I am his protector, I am his illuminator. 

Where Jesus tells us to go He is there also. He is not holding our hand so that we can always feel Him, but we have heard His voice and He is our comfort, our protector, our illuminator. Trusting the Holy Spirit is not easy. Sometimes He leads us to places that make us uncomfortable. He leads us into the unknown.

One day we will all look back and say what was I really afraid of for He was with me the whole time. He was with me even in the unknown things, in the unknown rooms of darkness where all we could do is trust His voice and trust His word. “For I am with you always even to the end of days”.

May we once again learn to trust the Holy Spirit to lead us into the unknown.

Copyright © 2021 by Blake Harris

Published by per agreement which has been agreed upon between and Author Blake Harris. Publication has been reviewed and deemed to be in line with SpiritWarriorMinistries faith and vision.

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