Noah, Goodness Still Abounds Part 7

My, Devotion to Him #313

The subtitle for part 7 is – Faithful to the Unseen One.

Verse Passage: Hebrews 11:6-7 “And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events as yet unseen, in reverent fear constructed an ark for the saving of his household. By this he condemned the world and became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.” – ESV

Can you recognize signs of life when you are in a devastating circumstance? Are you able to exhibit faith and confidence in the Unseen One, the very same God who saved Noah and his family?

Close your eyes for a moment and put yourself in Noah’s position. You’ve spent 600 years on this earth, built a boat that not only saved the animal kingdom but mankind itself. A boat that would confound people thousands of years later. You’ve survived an event that would go on to be one of the most controversial incidents in history. The time on this boat is coming to an end. You look out from the boat once the floodwaters have died down. Although you see clear signs of devastation, knowing the world has been forever changed, you also see signs of life. The dove returned to the boat with an indication of life and peace in its beak.

Verse Passage: Genesis 8:11-12 “And the dove came back to him in the evening, and behold, in her mouth was a freshly plucked olive leaf. So Noah knew that the waters had subsided from the earth. Then he waited another seven days and sent forth the dove, and she did not return to him anymore.” – ESV

Could you imagine the emotions and conversations between each other?

Noah and his family remained on the boat for some time after the flood. God began to restore the devastated earth. God demonstrates faithfulness in providing for the lives of His creation. The world would never be the same again in its appearance.

Noah did not stop there. He would go on day after day, giving God his all. He’d farm the land with his hands and give God his heart. Noah would constantly demonstrate a certain level of faith that so many others would do as well throughout the Bible. A kind of faith that would be pleasing to God and would push them to perform and endure some of the most iconic events throughout the Bible.

Have you come through a rough season? Maybe you feel like there needs to be a new beginning between you and God. Perhaps things have been good in your relationship, just like Noah and God’s was before the flood. No matter the case, there are changes in the seasons. They are clearly marked by what transpires in appearances to show us that things are and have changed. It may be time for a change. Noah pushed further, like so many others in the Bible. Let’s spend some time planting new seeds in our relationship with Christ and make the commitment to nourish these new seeds so that they may grow deep roots and take us to new heights.

God bless.

Copyright © 2023 by Jacob Olinger

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