Will You Answer The Call?

My, Devotion to Him #63

VERSE PASSAGE: Matthew 3:1 “In those days John the Baptist came, preaching in the wilderness of Judea” – NIV 

This is amazing right here. The Bible records the ministry of John the Baptist. You see John spent 30 years in the Judea desert preparing for his ministry then once his ministry was launched it lasted for about 6 months. The peak moment was Him baptizing Jesus. Yet, in a small amount of time John unleashed power throughout an entire nation and turned much of it to God. 

He did not take the normal approach and go where the people were. He was out in the wilderness and the people came to him. He had no advertisements other than the testimonies of those who had heard him. He wasn’t a flashy evangelist wearing the latest styles of the day. He didn’t do anything the way the religious leaders taught it was supposed to be done in their seminaries, yet it worked. He did not have a degree and was not a Pastor of a church. He was not on email list or YouTube channel. He didn’t have a website dedicated to the gospel. Yet, he exceeded more than people could have ever expected. 

In 6 months, an entire nation was stirred in anticipation of their Messiah through a man who was not “normal.” A man who broke away from normality. A man who broke orthodox. A man who stood out in the crowd. A man who challenged everything thing that had been set in place. 

One thing that keeps many of us from being used by God is our “group instinct.” We are so afraid of what someone else will think. We try to be like everyone else and then we wonder why we are getting the same results as everyone else. That’s not smart. We wonder why we aren’t going anywhere. Do we really want to live in a box? Do we really want to worry about what people think and place that above what God thinks. Are we really going to care what people say about us because we follow Christ and might be a little different. We might have tattoos, dyed hair, we might preach in a park, on a website, through phones. We might jump around and shout to God in praise. Who cares what people are going to say. John did not care. John put all that aside because he had a mission. He was called to fulfill his purpose. He was to prepare the people for Christ. 

John was completely yielded to the Holy Spirit and he succeeded against all the odds. Dare to follow the Holy Spirit, even against the crowd, and you will get supernatural results!

You have a mission to fulfill. You have a calling to answer to. Put the world aside and submit to the call. Let God’s will be done through you. Be a willing vessel to be used by Him for His kingdom and glory. 

Will you answer the call like John the Baptist. 

Bless you my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus?
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Will You Answer The Call?

Copyright © 2017 by Jacob D. Olinger

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