Is Heaven Boring?

My, Devotion to Him #83


If you picture Heaven as some motionless and unadventurous place then you might be worried until you die. Now I say worry because people tend to wonder what Heaven will be like. People tend to wonder how things will work and if it will be boring. Because face it, no one wants to go somewhere that’s boring. We as people tend to avoid doing boring things or going to boring places. 

Let me compare a few earthly instances. When Hastings was still open I loved going there. I am an avid book reader and movie watcher. I loved going there and just looking at all the movies, I would spend close to an hour or more each time I was there. Sometimes my wife would go and she would dread it. Most times she would just sit in the car. Why? Because she did not like to look at movies. It was boring. 

We as people will shut a movie off, put down a book, change the radio station, avoid going to certain events or talking with certain people. Why? Because a common problem we face is boredom. We want anything and everything to be entertaining or to keep us in a satisfying mood, and when we as people don’t get that, then some of us tend to change directions to find something else that is less boring. I say less boring because we can’t be satisfied fully by one single thing except Jesus. If anything else was completely satisfying we would do that one thing constantly and never change it. 

Now let’s talk about Heaven.

God didn’t make us in such a way that we can constantly do the same thing over and over and never want to change it up. We want all different types of food, movies, music. Some like humor, drama, thrillers, action. Some like certain seasons of the year. We are adventurous people in nature. We are constantly changing things whether we know it or not. 

Heaven will be absolutely amazing! Each and every single thing we do will be fully satisfying. It’s a place that we will constantly be discovering new things. Because God is eternal and the God of creation. He is infinite and almighty with endlessness. Even in our constant discoveries of Heaven it will still feel like and be our home. We will not feel undiminished at any point. We will not longer be wanting to see the Garden of Eden. We will finally be experiencing all that God intended for us. Heaven will be overflowing with the wonders of God.

We have nothing to be worried about when we get to Heaven or if Heaven will be boring or not. Heaven will be wonderful in ever single aspect. God has planned for it to be a place for us to be in for ever and ever. He has made it the most fantastic place ever. 

VERSE PASSAGE: Luke 23:43 “Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” – NIV

Heaven is paradise. Paradise like we’ve never seen or experienced. If Jesus said it’s paradise it must be something very special. 

Be blessed my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. 

Copyright © 2017 by Jacob D. Olinger

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