Protect What You’ve Been Given

My, Devotion to Him #104

Verse passage: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” – NIV

Notice in this passage how Paul doesn’t say “I (himself, us, we) can do all things (virtually anything you can think of) through Christ (the person who I will use to do things) who strengthens me (I need strength because I am weak so I will use Jesus’ strength). He stated “who gives me strength”. The King James Versions states “which strengthens me”

There is something that is missed in this passage. Paul isn’t just talking about Jesus, the Son of God and Anointed One. He was also touching on abilities Jesus has.

As a Christian, God has provided you with the ability to do everything that He has called you to do. The same is true for small or large task. God has and will continue to give us the ability to that which we are called to do. Which in essence means He has given to us His power. He has given to us the anointing. Readily available to empower us to do whatever He calls us to do. 

I believe when we understand this we will start to see His instructions differently. We will see His call clearer. We will have a new found energy for the Ministry of God. God not only calls us but He empowers us with His power to perform the duties He has called us to do. 

Ephesians chapter 4 covers maturity and unity of the body of Christ. And also Christian living. Why is this important? Because it is for the sake of Christ for us to follow these instructions. It is for the sake of the anointing. It is for sake of keeping ourselves in a position to accomplish His will. We must remain in a place where God can anoint us with His power and use us where we are needed. We must understand that living the Christian life is not only about following in His footsteps; it is also for us to be in such a position that is right with God so that He may use us for His glory and to advance the Kingdom of Heaven. 

There is such a need to protect the anointing. I know this first hand as I have at times let things come in and hinder my position in Him. We must protect the anointing no matter the cost! If it cost certain friends, a certain job, a hobby,  certain family. If anything has come in that has hindered the anointing of God within you, you must take action to remove it. I did not know how critical this was until God spoke to me and showed me what was hindering in my life. Sometimes we can’t even see it. Go to God and pray. Ask Him whatever is in your life that is hindering the anointing to show you or to remove it from your life. The anointing is so precious and we must protect it at all cost if we want to remain in such a place for Him to use us.
Copyright © 2018 by Jacob D. Olinger

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