Anointed For Purpose

My, Devotion to Him #116

Verse passage: 1 John 2:20 “But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.” – NIV

A word that I’ve heard more times than I can count is “anointing”. I’ve heard it in Sunday school, Sunday morning church, Wednesday night church, youth group events, ect. This is the same word that’s been used over and over in the church for years. 

However, this is a word that many do not understand fully or at all. We first must understand that if we are to walk in God’s power, it has to become real to us first. 

The anointing is God’s presence. It’s apart of Him. It is Him. It’s the thing that makes God God. The anointing is God on you enabling to do things that are impossible for you to do alone. 

For example, you can’t heal someone by yourself. Mankind just doesn’t have that ability. Even Jesus as a physical man could not heal anyone. His physical form came from Mary and was thus void of healing ability. Jesus was just as human as she was. Yet He was perfect in everything. He was absolutely sinless. He spoke God’s promises and the anointing came upon Him without measure. 

It seems to not be hard for us to understand God’s anointing being on Jesus. I mean He is the Son of God and He is part of the Trinity. But it seems tough for some to understand that the anointing can be on us as well. 

Some would think “No way! I’m not sinless”, “I can believe that because I’m not God”, “That’s like comparing ourselves to God”. And the list will just keep going on and on. But I’m telling us that the truth of the matter is the anointing can come upon us as followers and disciples of Christ. 

It’s no surprise that Jesus couldn’t heal in His own humanness self. The anointing turns us into a weapon to be reckoned with. The anointing sees our human self and pushes us past that in which allows us to do God’s work. It is by Him that this is done not ourselves. Everything that needs done today can be done in the anointing. It is by the Anointed One anointing His disciples that the agenda of the Lamb is done. 

His anointing is on you, in you, and all over you. It is because of the anointing that you are able to do things that you normally wouldn’t be able to do. Laying hands on someone and watching them instantly recover, opening blind eyes, opening deaf ears, watching tumors disappear or fall off. Watching the crippled walk, watching the dying being revived. Casting out demons and destroying strongholds. Forming a shield of protection around your home, workplace, school, city, state, and nation. It is through the anointing that everything can be done.

You are Anointed! God has called forth an army to rise up and grab hold of the anointing. To go through out the land handling Kingdom business. You are Anointed for such a time as this. When the world is in chaos, and confusion. When darkness is running rampant. It is in this hour of need that the army of God shall be let loose. It is in this hour that they expel demons from cities, revive the fallen, shine light in all dark corners, and stand with a message of love, and hope. They shall stand on the message that Jesus Christ is Lord and they are here as representatives of Him to do His business. 

Do not think for a moment you have not been called. Do not think that your time has came and past. Do not think that you cannot do anything important. You are called because you are Anointed and are living in this hour! 

God bless.

Copyright © 2018 by Jacob D. Olinger

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