Spiritual Success

My, Devotion to Him #117

A question that seems to be asked a lot is “how much do you want to succeed in life?” I mean you hear it in movies, you read it, hear it from sales rep’s, and so on. But what about actually succeeding spiritually? How much do you want to change spiritually? Enough to change what you say? What about enough to change what your attention is focused on? Or even enough to act on God’s Word even when it seems that you’d be alone doing it? 

If you want to change spiritually then the Bible is your go to guide. If you really want to succeed in this change then look no further. Why? Because the Bible can actually guarantee you success. 

But first you must understand the biggest warning. Satan will not like it. He will try and do all that he can to trip you up, block you, delay you, and even get you on a detour. He knows God’s success formula. He knows that success in you is a ripple effect threat directly to other people that he wants to keep in bondage. Satan will say negative things about you. He will try and distract you. People you haven’t seen or heard from in long time will start popping up and they are being used to get your focus off of spiritual success. He will try and inconvenience you to keep you from making any type of leverage. Every second away from the Word is a win. Every moment without success is a win. He doesn’t care if you find success tomorrow. If he can keep you away from it today it’s a win.

Satan’s primary goal is to stop your faith. He knows it’s the only force that can cause impossible situations to change. He also knows that it comes from God’s Word. So when he sees that Word going in your head and hears you speaking it, he won’t just sit around and give you a pat on the back. He will start talking. He will try and use anyone in your life to speak into your life and put a damper on your faith. Doubtful thoughts will come into your minds, thoughts that are completely opposite of God’s Word.

It is important to remember that those negative thoughts do not have any power unless you give them power. The way these thoughts start gaining power is when you start to believe them, speak them, and act on them. This is what Satan wants you to do. If the Bible says your healed, he will start talking and say your sick. If the Bible says your forgiven, he will say your guilty. If the Bible says your needs are met, he will say your lacking. If the Bible says the past is behind you, he will say it’s apart of you still. 

Hold on! There is still the option to win. You win by holding onto your faith. Keeping the Word of God on your lips, hiding His Word in your heart, and in a state of seeking Him. With this formula you cannot lose. There is absolutely no force Satan can bring against you that is stronger than God’s Word. This is the exact reason that Satan will not threaten you directly but indirectly. Because with God there is no power above His. Satan will instead whisper that the Word has no power. He will try to get you to doubt the power of God because he knows that if he can get you outside of your faith you will lose every single time!

Stop letting spiritual success elude you. Quit wondering if you have what it takes to make it. Instead remember who is with you all the time and who is in you. Turn to the Bible and put His formula to work in your life. Soon you will have the prize. The spiritual success prize. It will not be a small trophy for participation. It will be a grand reward and it will be so worth it. 

Verse passage: Proverbs 10:22 “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it.” – NIV

God bless! 

Copyright © 2018 by Jacob D. Olinger

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