Be A Doer Of God’s Word

My, Devotion to Him #137

VERSE PASSAGE: Mark 3:35 “Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.” – NIV

This passage is one that I have not heard preached on before. But today we will. 

We need to go way back and look through Mark 3:1-34 to understand why this statement was made. 

Jesus had entered into a persons house to teach after He had been teaching and performing miracles in the synagogue and around lake. A crowd gathered once more. Jesus’ family was going to catch up to Him and stop Him they perceived He was out of His mind. The teachers of the law came and accused Jesus of being possessed by Beelzebul. Jesus then taught a parable. His family arrived and sent someone to tell Jesus. Once that person had told Jesus that His family was outside He responded “who is my family” and then told them that those who do God’s will is His family. 

This was a direct perception of how Jesus views His followers. Jesus just doesn’t see you as a follower or a doer of God’s will. He sees you as family. Jesus looked around the crowd and said these are my brothers, sisters, and mothers. This also tells us there is an importance to brotherhood that develops as we become doers of God’s will. This is also important because Jesus stated that they were His family because they were doers. Jesus here has called us to be doers not just hearers. 

Jesus placed a heavy importance on doing the will of God and being apart of a family for those who do God’s will. 

We as Christian brothers and sisters should always be willing to add to our church and our ranks. We need to love our brothers and sisters. There is a great need for being in a family in the Christian Church and treating each other as brothers and sisters and not strangers who love God. We would be less judgmental of born again Christians with a bad history if we actually looked at them as our own brothers and sisters. The Church would actually flourish if we had the family mindset that Jesus had. Instead we pass judgment first instead of family love and grace. 

The Church is in need of revamping its attitude and revisiting Jesus’ call for a family church. Jesus calls those who do His Fathers will family. We have to ask ourselves, do we love the drug addicts, gays, prostitutes, homeless, or the pregnant teens? You can look time and time again in the Bible and Jesus constantly loved people from all walks of life and all backgrounds. He constantly showed love. He never approved of their lifestyle but always made sure they were shown love. We cannot call ourselves Christians or a Church that follows God if we can’t even love people. Love is attached to doing God’s will.


The people of this world is in need of love. They are in desperate need of love. There is many other things that are included in doing God’s will but love is something that Church’s have constantly failed at. We need to become the doers of God’s will! 

God bless! 

Copyright © 2018 by Jacob D. Olinger

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