Is Your Prayer Intentional?

My, Devotion to Him #166
Verse Passage: Mark 1:35 “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” – NIV
Jesus intentionally woke up and went out to pray. This passage is a great insight into prayer and actually Jesus’ preferred time of prayer. When we look at this passage without actually digging in it doesn’t look like much. This passage just seems to highlight that Jesus woke up early, that He prayed in the morning time and He prayed alone. Other than those three things it doesn’t seem like we could say anything more about this but we can and we will. 
The first thing from this is Jesus woke up early. He went and prayed early in the morning while it was still dark outside. It was at this time He went out to pray. It is at this time that our spirit is most fresh, our minds are most free, before the burden of the day has taken its toll on us. Jesus prayed at different times of day. But this one is of most importance as it speaks louder. The morning time prayer is a time where we can actually set things in motion for that day. Not only giving God our attention first for the day but also having time with Him and praying for the day and among other things. It is here I believe we can actually change our days. 
The second point from this is that Jesus went by Himself. Many times Jesus would go into prayer by Himself. This also speaks to us about the importance of a private prayer life and the importance of having alone time with the Father. Jesus not only withdrew from the crowd but also from His disciples whom He was with all day every day just like family. There is great importance in praying with people but there is a greater importance in praying alone with God. 
The third point from this is Jesus was intentional. If you look throughout Jesus’ life it is evident that Jesus made prayer intentional. We must as Christians and followers of Christ make that same type of commitment. We need to be people that intentional cuts out time to pray. Yes it’s nice when we find a few spare minutes to pray throughout the day. But our main prayer time should be one that is intentional not random. 
Get committed to making time to pray and be intentional about it. Don’t just have the mindset “I pray if time allows or it the day allows me too.” We need to be the ones that is in control of our day and our time. Do not let the world control you. Step up and firmly make a commitment to pray! Intentionally cut out time to do nothing but pray. It doesn’t have to be several hours of prayer. But just like you cut time out to spend with family on purpose, do the same for God. He is so worthy of it! 
God bless. 
Copyright © 2018 by Jacob D. Olinger

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