A Deep Kind Of Love

My, Devotion to Him #203

Verse Passage: Song of Solomon 8:7 “Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away. If one were to give all the wealth of one’s house for love, it would be utterly scorned.” – NIV

Have you ever wondered why the Song of Solomon is in the Bible? 

I mean it looks like a passionate poem, a book of love written by an unrelenting lover. It is a commentary and detailed description on intimate love. But it is also an allegory of God’s love for His people. This scripture is simply a love story that’s full of passion, excitement, and overall amazing. 

If you haven’t yet grasped it, the Song of Solomon will tell you how God loves YOU! I want to point out that it’s about YOU and Him! So many times we think we are not loved. We think that God is mad or simply cannot love. Many times we feel alone and have a connection issue when it comes to love. Song of Solomon is for you. Because you are loved. You are wanted. You are not alone. There is a lover who is fighting for you, seeking you out, and wants you. There is not better way to learn love than to learn it from God because He is the ultimate lover. 

We don’t have the right word to express that in English. And a lot of times I feel like we have to go on and on to explain it. Our word for “love” is too general. We love food, and we love our family, we love new shoes, and new phones. We say love so much and many of us just use the word lightly and it’s something that is not worthy of being use solely as a description of God. God, with a thick, ever endearing, all-encompassing, deeply intimate, very passionate, warm and full of motherly, fatherly and a robust love, loves us. Love’s you.

I think it’s awesome and truly amazing how we can see love in so many different passages if we just look. The Bible is full of stories, and hidden meanings. And many times when you look at these stories you can usually find love. 

Jesus’ temptation 

(See: http://www.spiritwarriorministry.com/2017/06/the-jesus-temptation-series-part-4-only.html?m=1

In fact read that whole series.) 

Satan offered Christ the riches of all the kingdoms of the world: the best this earth has to offer. Which is a lot when you really sit and think about it. In return, he wanted Jesus’ devotion to his evil schemes. With no hesitation Jesus responded to the devil and shined His pure unending and unfading light. How could He trade His lover, His adored jewel, His intimate friend, His sweet companion, for stuff, for applause, for the sparkly eyes of strangers!

Jesus gave up all the wealth of Heaven, all the wealth of this the world, for us. He gave it all up for you, because He truly, and deeply, loves us. 

God bless. 

Copyright © 2019 by Jacob D. Olinger

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