God Has Your Back

My, Devotion to Him #222

Verse Passage: Numbers 6:24-26 “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” – NIV

Today will be a different kind of devotional and a style I don’t ever write in. Please bare with me.  

So I procrastinate okay, and I freely admit because I’ve had my fair share of times where my procrastination has hurt me and I had to face or own up to being a procrastinator. I will give you one of these such situations.


I am very bad about letting the car get to empty. There was such a day where I was coming home from work and my car alerted me that I needed gas I had less than 10-15 miles to go before not having gas. I was tired. I had worked a 14hr shift. When I came up to the gas station I fought with my inner self on what to do. Should I stop and get the gas that I needed and lose out on time that could have been spent getting ready for bed which means I could be in bed sooner rather than later (which is totally ridiculous since getting gas takes less than 10mins) or should I get gas and not get to bed as soon as I could have (again such a totally dumb argument with myself.) Needless to say I kept on driving home. Not really taking into account that from my work to my house was 12 miles. And again the car said had read somewhere between 10-15 miles. I went home, got ready for bed, and went to bed happy that I was home. I woke up and was running a little late for work due to that week having spent most of my days working 12-14 hours and it had just caught up. I got into the car and it wouldn’t turn on. It was at that moment that I regretted giving in to my flesh and not taking care of what was needed at the moment which was to put gas in the night prior. 

I was so upset with myself. I sat there trying over and over but the car remained dead. I sat there beating myself up. I started praying. I talked to God and just told Him that I made a mistake. I really should have filled up the night before and not given into my flesh. I told God that I knew He was always looking out for me. I knew that He would always take care of me. I knew that it was Him who provides for all my needs. I apologized for making the mistake as it has come back to hurt me. That now my procrastination had turned against me. I told God that I knew He would get my car working long enough for me to get to the gas station. I tried again and the car turned on. I drove it straight to the gas station and thanked Him for helping me out in my time of need.

Even though I had procrastinated and I was on the wrong side this time it was a refreshing moment for me. Because it was a moment that forced me to turn away from what I was seeing and experiencing at the moment and had me turn my eyes to God and ask for help. It was a moment for me to remind myself that He loves me. That He cares about me. That He takes care of me and is there for me even when I make mistakes. 

We can know all these things and believe in them truly which is what we are suppose to do anyways. But it is reassuring when we have to go through something that forces us to take our belief and actually put it into action which is so powerful as it gives you an opportunity to only strengthen that in which you believe in. 

God is so good. He is so gracious to us even in our smallest mistakes. This only gives us more assurance of Him and who He is in the good and bad times.

God Bless. 

Copyright © 2019 by Jacob D. Olinger

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