It’s All Left Behind

My, Devotion to Him #223

Verse Passage: 1 Timothy 6:6-7 “But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.” – NIV

I recently read a story that was so refreshing to me and I wanted to tell it to you and also speak on it. 

There was a wealthy man who was laying on his death bed. His time was coming to an end and he knew it. He was saddened by this. Even though he was a christian, he was very reluctant to leave this earth. Because here he owned many enormous houses. Each of them filled with rare, expensive, and truly astonishing treasures. But in Heaven, from what he had heard was not like earth. Everyone would have mansions, and everyone would be equal. He had gotten use to people treating him different here due to his wealth but feared that in Heaven he wouldn’t have that same type of treatment. In his heart of hearts, he really preferred to stay here even for a little longer and even if that meant still being in such poor health. 

One night, God visited the man in a dream and told him everything would be okay. God was willing to let him bring one thing but only one thing to Heaven with him.

The man woke up and called his assistant, he instructed the assistant to liquidate everything and convert the money into gold bars, after that he instructed the same assistant to buy a very large suitcase and to put the gold bars in it.

When the suitcase arrived the man marveled at the shiny gold bars. He wrapped his hand around the suitcase handle and later that day passed away. All of a sudden he was at Heavens gate. An Angel said to him, “Welcome, Brother. What have you brought with you today?”

The man was so proud. He opened the suitcase and showed off the gold bars. The Angel frowned and was very confused. He told the man, “Why did you bring paving stones?”

What we have on this earth in material wealth does not mean nothing in Heaven. Your wealth here is only enough to add a paving stone to Heaven roads. We are called to store our riches in Heaven. Contentment is highly valued in Heaven because there is nothing we can bring to Heaven that Heaven does not already have. There is nothing that we could bring from this world that would surprise Heaven. I am not saying that money is not nice to have. Yes with some more money we could breath a little easier and pay more bills on time, or pay off debt faster, maybe have a nicer home, better clothes, etc. There are billionaires who horde their money. And in reality it’s because of the flesh. However, there are middle class citizens who clinch their fist and try to keep all they have as well. Many people of all classes are at fault when it comes to how we view money and how we use it. 

Your money might mean something to you or to the world now but Heaven certainly has no interest or any need in it making it to Heaven. Remember that. 

God bless.

Copyright © 2019 by Jacob Olinger

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