How To Battle A Grizzly

My, Devotion to Him #224

Verse Passage: Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” – NIV

Here I am again looking on the web. Searching topics, bible verses, stories, and images. I wait till the Spirit tugs and then I know I’m in the right spot for something to happen. That something is a devotional. I have always found it amazing and amusing how these messages find a way to me to be wrote. I know not everyone is like this and God uses other means and styles for people to write in and other means to grab their attention. 

There was an estimated 10,000 grizzlies roaming Californias wilderness before Europeans arrived. 

Today, sadly there are none. There are now only about 1,000 estimated to be roaming around 48 states. I think nature is amazing, and know that there are not only life lessons for us to find within nature itself but there are lessons that God can teach us through nature. I mean He created it so why can’t He use it? 

I do take comfort though in knowing that I won’t have to face up to a grizzly any time soon. There massive animals weigh in at 300-400 plus pounds, with up to 4 inch claws, and a bite strong enough to break bones. 

Grizzlies are built for a fight and according to experts and a survival book I read they both state that the best way we can survive a grizzly bear attack is to not fight it. That’s right, do not go hand to claw with a grizzly because it will not end well for one of you and it won’t be the bear. Don’t run from the bear. The best chances for survival is to play dead. Curl up and lay still. Not fighting is your safest bet to survive. 

Moses told God’s people to “be still”. Pharaohs army was upon them. Chasing and charging after them like an angry grizzly. God came on the scene and parted the sea and laid out a path for safety. The Israelites did not have to fight. Nor did they have to worry about Pharaohs army catching them because the sea came crashing down and drowned the army. 

God is and will always be bigger and stronger than your enemy. Are you fighting a grizzly today?

Stop fighting, lay down and be still. Give this fight to God and let Him fight your battles. He is unmatched in strength and hasn’t lost a fight yet. Let Him take your grizzly down.

God bless.


Copyright © 2019 by Jacob Olinger

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