My, Devotion to Him #248

Have you ever slipped? Well I don’t mean falling down because I’m sure we all had one of them moments (I feel for you as I’ve had my own incidents.) What I was actually talking about was when we slipped and allowed ourselves to ponder on a negative thought. And sometimes we will think about that negative thought and then say “It was only a thought, it did not mean anything.” But it actually does and that is something we need to acknowledge and then grow from. A wrong thought that is allowed attention and access to freely be at the forefront of all thoughts in our mind can actually take root and this can grow into what the Bible describes as a “stronghold”. When a thought becomes strong it begins to control our perception of things, it can start to alter our normal thinking process, it can start to change the way that we would respond in certain situations. This is another example on why the Bible calls for us to be “Transformed by the renewal of your mind”. 

We must always remember and stay focused on a sole statement “Where the mind goes, the man follows.” We can face numerous challenges in this life. When we start thinking negative about situations in our life we start to prepare ourself for defeat; “I can’t handle one more thing”, “If something else happens then I’m done, I’m giving up.”, “I can’t take any more.”, “This is the life I’ve been dealt so there is no reason to change.” The list can go on and on because there are so many negative things we can find and pick out in our circumstances. In the end, this prepares us for the defeat before the battle even comes. You are not giving yourself a chance when you are focused on and ponder on negative thoughts. Thinking about giving up, or that you can’t handle another thing or more things is effectively disarming yourself. These thoughts are powerful and strong enough to bring down kingdoms and they can take you out or keep you in a life of defeat IF YOU ALLOW IT!

These are losing thoughts, losing attitudes, losing, losing, losing. If you want to be better, get better, become better then WE MUST stop with these losing tactics. 

Instead, we must think “If this battle is great then the blessing, life, reward, etc that lies beyond this must be greater!” We can even switch it up with a statement that I have long held onto “If satan is attacking me so hard and so often then God must have something in store for me!”

We must become a people that is Spiritually, mentally, and even emotionally prepared for the challenges that come up in this life. Do not allow yourself to be easily discouraged or defeated. Not without the fight of your life. Be ready in all seasons by “the renewing of your mind.”

God bless you all!

Verses Studied:

  • Romans 12:2
  • 2 Corinthians 10:4

Copyright © 2020 by Jacob Olinger

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