Just Hold On

My, Devotion to Him #253 Samson, a legendary warrior and judge. Renowned for his strength and his uncut hair. He was dedicated by his mother to serve God which also barred him from strong drink, shaving or cutting his hair, and he was not to be in contact with dead bodies.  Samson laid waste tooContinue reading “Just Hold On”

Change Is Coming Part 2

My, Devotion to Him #252 The dictionary describes fall as; spiral downward, to lose control, to lie down flat, to get into a proper place. The amazing thing is this is about someone actually falling. I can’t help but look at this and think that the season is so accurately described as well.   IContinue reading “Change Is Coming Part 2”

Change Is Coming Part 1

My, Devotion to Him #251 Yellow, red, orange, brown leaves fall from the tree and dances across the porch and driveway. Their bright colors change this area into pure beauty. It’s amazing how fast the leaves have fallen. One day green and the next day they’ve fallen and have turned colors. I love this time.Continue reading “Change Is Coming Part 1”