Maintaining The Peace

My, Devotion to Him #254

“Search for peace, and work to maintain it” To enjoy a life of peace we must recognize what is stealing our peace. We can maintain a peace state of mind wherever we are, wherever we go, and at anytime there can be not only some peace, but there can be abundant peace.

Satan uses the same old tactics on everybody. His schemes that might be getting played on you is the same ones being used on others. Don’t think your alone in this, and don’t beat yourself up if you shall fall. Others have fallen long before you. The key we are looking for is what are we going to do after the fall? 

Now we may have certain issues that we deal with in this life and we need to get in tune with ourselves and know ourselves well. Satan studies to carefully understand everyone. This allows him to know which buttons to push, which issues to bring up, which thoughts to stir, which aroma of emotion to spray. 

It’s easy to fight when our energy is full and we have nothing wrong going on in our life. So he will wait and slowly work to drain you, wear you down before he starts to launch the heavy assaults. But we can be in a state of pursuit. A pursuit for constant peace. Our battles will be harder if we don’t learn about ourselves. If we choose to not learn about the things that make us upset and not learn to control these things then we are setting ourselves up for almost daily fights that will result in us just being more worn, more frustrated, and in a state of unhappiness. 

God does not want that for you! But we must be honest with ourself or we will never break free from this. We could be in storms that we don’t even worry about. Because we can be anchored to God! He can hold us still when other boats are be tossed and thrown back and forth we remain steady. No waves, rain or wind will bring us down when we have attached ourselves to God and to His peace.

God does not just drop it into our laps. This is not just one sided relationship (What great and amazing relationships are?)

We need to get ourselves to seek it, ask for it, crave it, and with an unyielding energy pursue it! If you feel like you’ve lost your peace today then GET UP and GO GET IT BACK!

God has called us to be in a state of unending peace. That is one of great blessings we get as followers. This does not mean that we will never be attacked or face storms in the nights. However, this does mean that no matter what we face we can be confident and clear headed because we have a peace that is transformative and surpasses all understanding. A peace that is holy and sanctified. A peace that is so thick no outside forces can penetrate it. But we but remain. We must stay within that place. Within that state of peace. No outside force can penetrate it bu that does not mean that we cannot step outside of that peaceful state.   

Yes I know this sounds like we are working to get something from Him. Isn’t that all working relationships? All the best, lasting, and most personal relationships are the ones that require both people to be heavily involved in that very relationship. We have to decide if He is worth that to us. 

God bless.

Verse studied:

  • Psalm 34:14

Copyright © 2020 by Jacob Olinger

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