Just Hold On

My, Devotion to Him #253

Samson, a legendary warrior and judge. Renowned for his strength and his uncut hair. He was dedicated by his mother to serve God which also barred him from strong drink, shaving or cutting his hair, and he was not to be in contact with dead bodies. 

Samson laid waste too many enemies. He was as powerful as an army. He killed and tore apart a lion with his bare hands. He killed 1,000 men with a jawbone of a donkey on an occasion. He ripped the city gate, post and bar off in an effort to escape Gaza. 

Desperate were the Philistines to stop Samson. He was the greatest physical threat they were facing in their time. Even more powerful because of God’s blessings on him. The Philistine leaders employed Delilah to stop him and that she did. His lust and weakness for women coupled with her ever persistence brought him down. 

Samson had violated his Nazarite vow and lost everything. Now the greatest man in Israel was now in a Philistine dungeon. He was blinded and humiliated. Now he looks like a lost cause. He has been beaten down, blinded, and is prisoner of the very enemies he had been slaughtering. 

Samson in his last act cried out to God and “the hair of head began to grow again” Samson stretched out his arms between pillars and caused the whole building to come crashing down killing himself and 3,000 philistines. 

Samson was endowed during his life with miraculous strength unlike any before or after him. He served as a Judge to southern and western Israel for 20 years. And in spite of his failings, Paul list him as a person whose faith in God was noteworthy 

“Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength”

You might be hurting, but be patient, because when we cry out to the Lord, He responds by providing for the need that we are seeking. Help is on the way, just hold on. You might have fallen and feel humiliated by the current setback you in. Go to God! Get to His throne room. Acknowledge that you have fallen and you are needing Him to get back up, you are needing His mercy, you are needing His grace. Help is on the way! Aid is coming! Deliverance is coming! JUST HOLD ON! We do not give up on God because of anything we come across. Instead like Samson, he knew he was to blame for what had went wrong in his life. He did not turn his back on God. Instead he sought to not only redeem himself but to serve the Lord one more time. His heart was in the right place. And so many times we are angry and upset at God not only because of the situation we are in but also because we have prayed and nothing changes. What we tragically miss countless times is our heart. Our heart has to be in the right place. Like Samson, he broke his vows, he broke his dedication, he broke his commitment to the Lord. Yet, in his cry he sought mercy, he sought redemption, he sought forgiveness, and he sought to serve once again!

God Bless

Verses Studied: 

  • Hebrews 11:32-33
  • Isaiah 40:31

Copyright © 2020 by Jacob Olinger

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