The Unfailing Source

My, Devotion to Him #258

“Joyful are those whose hope is in the Lord their God”

Have you ever talked to someone about an issue you are dealing with and their response is said with good intentions but sometimes you are wanting more than that? Their response just doesn’t have enough sustenance.   

Maybe you told someone that there wasn’t enough money to make it and their response was “maybe you need to budget better”, “Maybe you need to look at getting a better paying job” We might just look at them and roll our eyes or brush it off with a sigh. 

This is one of those time to really put the faith in high gear. Your possibilities are not limited by your past or current situations. If there is not enough to pay your necessary bills (meaning rent/mortgage, utilities, food, gas, etc) then do your best and then let God do the rest. 

Trust in God to supply your needs. He’s gotten you this far hasn’t He? Look beyond what your wallet or checking account says. Claim that divine, unlimited supply. Do your part. Strive to be financially responsible in thought and in actions. Ask God for wisdom in your choices and listen to His Words and see where He is guiding you. Let go of the fears and the need for complete control. We all know money is necessary for living that’s just how this life is and God understands this as well. 

We must understand that God does provide even through loss. There is a ministry to us through the fading and failure of things. 

“Sometime later the brook dried up”

There is a history of our yesterdays and a prophecy of our tomorrows. We have to realize that there is a difference between us trusting in His gift and us trusting in Him. The gift last only for a little while. But God as the giver is forever and an unfailing source. That we have access to tap into. 

Something that I am reminded of is Elijah. If God had led him to the widow directly then he would’ve missed something that made him who he was which was “living by faith”

Our worldly sources can and will dry up at some point. It might not last forever but we should expect those droughts to come. Whenever this happens we can use this to our advantage because we can prepare by getting our faith in tune with God and realizing that He is our Hope, Health, Provider, and Unfailing source!

While the world is on the fritz, and doom is being spoken over us, and depression is ravaging the nation, while death is making it’s way from home to home we can tap into our unfailing source! When we use what God has given us with responsibility, honesty, and faithfulness we shall reap the reward. Many times Mariah and I have come to find the budget getting tight. I don’t blame God and get upset. 

I find that when we come into a season where money is tight we do a couple different things. 

1. We look for deals.

This is how you become not only smart with your money, but are being responsible with what you have. If you learn to find better deals you can actually buy more with your money and thus be sustained longer.

2. We pray. 

We not only pray that God blesses our life. We pray that God opens our eyes to see where we can make changes in our life, where is the fat so we can trim. I believe all too often we get comfortable in our life and forget we need to be about kingdom business.

3. We review. 

Creating a budget is the most important thing you can do as a person, as a married couple, and as a Christian. I believe all Christians should budget their money. I believe if all Christians would budget their money and work in tune with Him, we would see Christian families better off than we do now. I whole heartily believe this shows God that you are being responsible with the money He has given and we are accounting for every dollar and where it goes. I believe in time we shall see those same funds increase. Budgeting shows who owns our dollars. How much our money is already spoken for and allows us clarity.  Why would God bless you beyond your means and beyond your dreams to do kingdom business if you don’t know every person who you give a dollar to? (Just so I don’t skip them over. This is also pointed at churches, organizations, and ministries.)

He is not only our unfailing source for money, but for happiness, peace, love, compassion, knowledge, patience, and dozens and dozens of other things. He is the I AM. 

We as Christians should not be in the same boat as the world. We are all in the same water but when their boat is shaking, cracking, taking on water. Our boat should be steady, moving along just fine. This is what happens when you tune out them and tune directly into Him.

God bless.

Verses Studied:

– Psalm 146:5

– 1 Kings 17:7

Copyright © 2021 by Jacob Olinger

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