Getting Alone With God

My, Devotion to Him #259

“Be still, and know that I am God” 

One of the greatest things I think we have in this life is the access to God at anytime of the day. But many choose to not utilize this. When we seek this out and we choose to start forcing time with God and not allowing our lives to control us we start to not only see a difference in our relationship with Him, our spiritual lives, or ourselves but then we can start noticing that He is started to speak to us. It’s not that He just decided to speak to you. He has always been. But now that we are more in tune to Him, His presence and His voice we start to pick up on it better when He is speaking to us. 

He wants to talk to you anytime, anywhere, though anybody, anything, and even by dropping thoughts into your mind. But this is so easy to miss because of the busy world we live in and we partake in and this is a prime reason He says to “Be still”

You know Jesus taught the people and gave many parables, illustrations to teach in the way that people would understand but when He was alone with His inner circle He sat and explained to them. We have this notion that in order for us to be spiritually filled and have some type of spiritual renewal encounter we must seek out all the spiritual leaders, and buy all their books, and attend all their meetings, and this and that. We think that God is honored or pleased when we maximize our information, schedules, relationships, and time around these things. I do believe that God is happy that we choose to seek to better understand Him and to be comfortable as a Christian or whatever the case may be. But don’t fall into the trap that this is the only way we should go. God wants you. He’s jealous. Yes the things listed above are good for spiritual growth but they should not be the center piece. That is where He belongs. And sadly some of the “teachers, preachers, etc” preach Him but have set up a structure that does not actually make Him the true center piece. If your offended then we can just disagree. But the truth of the matter is there are dangerous preachers out there who would have you belief that following them and their way is the way to fulfillment in God when actually what they are doing is keeping you from being in an intimate relationship with the King. 

Being still demands silence. Being still also demands solitude. A time that is set apart where it’s you and God. Where conversation is one-sided. God is doing the talking. When we are still we force ourselves to STOP everything single thing. No more moving, no more distractions, no more talking (because we seem to not get enough of it somehow) this being still thing is something different. It will probably make you uncomfortable the first few times. But it’s something that we cannot afford to miss as Christians and is critical in our relationship no matter what some say. 

I do not make these in an attempt to push my own agenda or on my own whim. We cannot have a real meaning relationship with God if there is never alone time with God, period!

David had to command his soul to be still because it’s so difficult and almost downright impossible for some. But you will discover that you will leave that place feeling something different. Alone time with God in His presence; standing, kneeling, sitting, or whatever it is you do in the presence of the Almighty, you will walk out having spent personal quality time with the King who is above all kings. How special that is for us. We can have a time set apart where it’s just us and God. He has deemed you special indeed if He has given you this type of access. 

I promise you this. Your soul and spirit will start to long and yearn for this. You will not be satisfied until your back in the presence. 

God bless

Verses Studied:

– 1 Corinthians 2:16

– Mark 4:33-34

– Psalm 46:10

– Exodus 14:14

– Psalm 62:5

– Job 6:24

– Isiah 32:17

Copyright © 2021 by Jacob Olinger

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