You Already Got It

My, Devotion to Him #272

Verse Passage: Hebrews 13:5 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” – NIV

I remember when a salesman came to my house and went into his pitch about the internet provider he works for.

I responded gently “I already have internet that does just fine.”

Ignoring my comment, the man went on to describe the qualities of his product and urged me to buy it, try it, and see for ourselves. It was a little thing. But I resisted the “upgrade” and continued my day without second thought. 

Discontent is an interesting state of mind. Perhaps we experience discontent because we’re tired of not having what we want; or of looking poorer, less educated, less up to date than our neighbors, friends, co-workers, enemies. Perhaps we think if I only had such and such I would be able to do this or that. I think about God saying He’ll never leave or forsake us, then that means He’s involved with our life. Also if God makes sure that all the animals, plants, flowers, have all they need to grow and multiple, then how much more can we see from Him as His children. We can be content and free of jealousy because we are under the care and direction of the richest and most powerful Being in the universe.

God Himself has already supplied everything we could ever need.

Getting newer things that help daily life is not a bad thing. The drive to want better is not a terrible thing either. But the state of discontentment I think is a different thing that crosses over into dangerous territory. Because this means we are not happy nor have peace. It is the lack of satisfaction of ones own possession, status or situation. The state of discontentment creates a hunger within oneself. We continue on wandering the world with displeasure. Anything we get in life is never enough no matter how much we tell ourselves or others. 

But God knows what we actually need. When we continuously  want more and need more to get any satisfaction. We in turn put ourselves on a pathway away from Gods greatness. We can find satisfaction in life by knowing that God is in control. God is the one who provides. God is the one who will take care of everything. 

We may continue to try and better ourselves but we must be careful not to become discontent with what we have because what we have has come from God and He is trying to take care of us. When we walk in a state of discontentment we are stating to God that all that He has done is not good enough and you are not happy with any of it. 

I’m sure parents will be able to connect with this one on a different level. There may be times when it feels like all you’ve done for your kids was not enough or is not good enough because of how they behave and make you feel. In turn it makes it hard to give them more because of their discontentment. 

In a family setting with God as the Father we can see how this state could affect us not only in happiness, peace but also in our relationship and even in our blessings. 

Let’s get into a state of content, because the Lord God has provided.

God bless. 

Copyright © 2021 by Jacob Olinger

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