Jehovah Rapha: The God Who Heals Part I

My, Devotion to Him #8

VERSE PASSAGE: John 4:48-50 “Unless you people see signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.” The royal official said, “Sir, come down before my child dies.” “Go,” Jesus replied, “your son will live.” The man took Jesus at his word and departed” – NIV  

Jesus didn’t have to touch the child. He didn’t have to send anything home with the father to cure the child. All He did was speak and the son was instantly healed. This man had traveled sixteen miles from Capernaum to Cana to find Jesus. Therefore, the son was not within distance so that Jesus could speak the words and a spark of hope would ignite within the child. Thereby releasing God’s power. No, Jesus spoke the word and it has so much power that no barriers of distance had any affect on it whatsoever. Jesus could have been over one hundred miles away that would not have mattered one bit.   

I understand this is hard for us to comprehend. We spend our whole lives learning physical limitations, sound limitations, barriers, and distance, the impossibles, we learn that we have a boundary and that’s just how it is in life. We adapt to this way of life. But there are no limits to the power of God’s word. God created everything in this physical universe by His words, and that creation will respond to anything He says. Is it not special that we have a God who placed limitations on physics but yet He breaks through them to heal people in other cities? That is amazing. He does this to show and prove who He really is, and so there is no doubt that He is Lord of Lords. 

This exact healing power is given to us by Him. For He says to only  have faith. You see the official did not have faith in Jesus. He went to Jesus when he heard where Jesus was at. This man had heard the stories of Jesus but did not believe. I can say this because Jesus said it (John 4:48). Here Jesus tells Him unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe. You can’t bash the official he is a worldly man. Many people only believe what they can see. So Jesus is not only going to heal his child, but He is going to make him believe (not force) in Him. Jesus heals his child and says “go, your child will live”. Now at this point the father had faith for Jesus by other people’s account. Now he had to have faith in Jesus personally. See he had to invest in Christ. Not with money, with faith. He has to believe in his heart completely and with confidence that what Jesus had just said was so. Once that was done he left to go see with his eyes. In verse (v50) the Bible talks about the officials whole family believing in Christ after the child had been healed. Some people have a see to believe mentality and that’s okay. Though this official had to see to believe in Christ. He first had faith in the word of Christ.  


1. We need to believe without needing to see as worldly people do.  

2. Jesus broke the rule of physical boundaries that are the rules of the universe. Because He’s God and did so proving who He was so they would believe.   

3. God has given us the same exact power to heal people.   

4. We need to have faith in the word of Christ. When Jesus says something we need to accept it and go.   

Copyright © 2017 by Jacob Olinger

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Jehovah Rapha: The God Who Heals Part I My, Devotion to Him

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