Traits Of A Godly Leader

My, Devotion to Him #151

Leadership is so important for the success of an organization or a nation. Today we will be talking about Godly Leaders and the following traits that they should have. 

1. Godliness.

Psalm 148:11-13 tells us that Godly Leaders Praise God. Solomon tells us in Proverbs 16:12 that the throne is established for righteousness. 

2. Wisdom.

God says in Proverbs 8:12-16 that sound wisdom provides understanding and strength. Solomon asked for wisdom to rule the nation in 2 Chronicles 1:7-11.

3. Honesty.

Solomon warns against lying lips in Proverbs 17:7 and says that truth preserves a king in Proverbs 20:28. Jesus tells us in John 8:44 that lies are of the devil.

4. Discernment.

Ability to choose between right and wrong. Solomon tells us in Proverbs 25:5 that if you take wickedness away from the king the throne shall be established in righteousness. In Proverbs 29:12 if a ruler harkens to lies his servants become wicked.

5. Sexual Morality.

Proverbs 31:1-3 tells us that sexual immorality destroys kings.

6. Free from Drugs and Alcohol.

Proverbs 31:4-5 tells us that Kings should avoid strong drink.

7. A Good Leader leads through Service.

Jesus told His disciples in Mark 10:41-45 that the chief among them would be servant of all.

8. A Good Leader leads by Example.

Paul tells us to lead by example in meekness in Ephesians 4:1-2.

God bless! 

Copyright © 2018 by Jacob D. Olinger

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