My, Devotion to Him #263

Have you been at a crossroad in your life and didn’t have a clear direction? You didn’t know where to go next? Didn’t know what to do? It’s okay, I’ve been there also. Maybe we have both stood at the intersection where there were many paths, each one leading to different places and having different ends. 

When I was at this place, I questioned which do I choose? How do I move forward? What if I take the wrong path? Which one is going to benefit me for the present and for eternity? Which one is going to hurt me in the now and in the long term? So many questions and roads.

Thank God for His unfailing Word and guidance.

In one instance, a person chose the choice of cheating as a manager at a good job in a great upcoming business that was the landing pad for something bigger later down the road. A manager who seemed to “have” more favor and insight tried getting his way by any means. You were with him or against him and he would do anything and use anyone to get exactly what he wanted and used every angle that made it impossible to catch him or go against him and get him removed for what he was doing. 

It was a bad situation that was getting worse. Employees were demeaned, and scrutinized for every single thing, the work life was becoming hell. I on many occasions forced to do the firings of employees. Thank God for His help in this situation. I wasn’t happy. But when I tired to reach out for help and to get higher up people to see what I was seeing and hearing I got nowhere. 

He was that person that got away with everything and anything because he used, played, and manipulated everyone including his bosses. I wanted to stay and push for change. I had favor with everyone but him. But cracks where showing and I was worn out, tired of the fighting, and saving the ship that was constantly taking on more water than I could take out. I asked God for help no matter what it was. But I was bringing my work home and my marriage was being hurt, everything in my life was starting to revolve around this job because of this guy and the way he worked the system. 

I needed help because I was at a crossroads. I could leave and risk not finding the same paying job somewhere else, I could leave and it become just as bad or worse than the situation I was already in. I could stay and get beaten down mentally even more, and my marriage suffer more, or I don’t even know from there. I was at this intersection and did not know where to turn to. So I turned to the only one that has ever been there every single time I needed someone and that one person who knew exactly what I needed when I needed it. 

I turned to God. Shortly after that I was asked to take a different job somewhere else. It was there I seen at that crossroad a path that would lead me out without any risk, a path that would allow me to leave on good terms. 

Paul’s letter to Timothy points him to every writing found in the Bible as having God as its direct Source, regardless of the writer He chooses to inspire. Divine love, wisdom, and knowledge are infused into every passage. 

You, too, have access to infinite counsel by reading and applying scripture in every “crossroad” situation of your life!

Remember, no matter the situation your in, no matter the pressure your under or the circumstance your faced with. There is a path that will lead you out. Rely on God and His Word to open up a door that no man can close, a door that will allow you to walk away, or a door that will allow things to change in your situation. Sometimes we leave and sometimes we stay. But God will see you through whatever it is your faced with.

Stay strong!

God bless. 

Verses Studied:

  • 2 Timothy 3:16  

Copyright © 2021 by Jacob Olinger

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