Plans, Purpose, and You

My, Devotion to Him #264

The world we live in today changes almost every day but not all for the bad. Today there are 195 countries, around 6,500 different languages, around 7.594 billion people in the world and someone is born around every 4 seconds. 

I know, these numbers are huge! But it’s amazing that God knew you intimately and has a great plan for your life. No one is alive by random chance, accident, or an oops. Every single person is important in the sight of God!

The day you were formed, God took special interest and notice of you. Before you or your parents even knew your name, God had already placed a special calling on you and your life. He chose you to do great things in the world that no one else can or could do. 

God does not see you as everyone else does. He does not think of you like the world does. People are so very limited because we only can see with our eyes and even our basic impression of people is clouded by our bias thoughts, and fleshly minds. But the ONLY Omniscient God, sees you as His greatest creation ever! He knows you from the inside out. You are highly important to Him. 

God created everything and yes, everything has a purpose in this life. The insects, birds, fish, plants, trees, sky, water, earth all had and has a purpose. You were created last. Not because your on His bottom list. But because you are His masterpiece. 

The day after valentines my wife and I celebrate. Because everything is like 75% off. You can get everything you wanted and save money plus get a little extra. Some call that cheap but we call it smart. And we have a kid so saving money on things is like striking gold (I’m sure parents can relate)

Anyways, I get chocolate. I alway open the box and pick through the pieces because I want to save the best ones for last. I want to end on a high note, I want to enjoy the best one last because it’s simply the best. 

Yea, this is a comparison to God. I know we are not chocolate but the message within is true. God didn’t create you first because He wanted to wait. He created everything else that was second best first. Then the day came for Him to enjoy the best creation He was ever going to make. He created you. 

The world needs the gifts that God has placed within you because when you live out your God given purpose and mission. He is glorified, exalted, praised, and lives our changed!

So there are plans for you! When the world has you won’t do anything. He says “I have a purpose for you. I have a plan and that plan has you in it so you have a. It’s up to you to step into that purpose and walk out the plan I’ve laid out.”

God bless. 

Verses Studied:

  • Jeremiah 1:5
  • Jeremiah 29:11

Copyright © 2021 by Jacob Olinger

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