A Treaty Above All For All

My, Devotion to Him #265

In school my favorite subject was history. I loved it and everything about it. I was also lucky enough to have an amazing history teacher that went over and beyond what was expected. He was an open book and would talk about history with you until both were blue in the face. It didn’t matter if it was teaching or both debating history he was there. He was also there to help each one there on their own level and in the way that would help them learn better.

I have the upmost respect for him not only as my teacher, but one that I can count on, and one of the people that I respected and trusted enough that I asked him to be one of three ministers to marry my wife and I. Yea, we had three (sorry we broke the traditional rules.)

This devotional is for him.

An Armistice went into effect November 11, 1918. This would bring about the end of World War 1. Devastation was everywhere. After four and a half years everything was coming to an end. Over 40 million soldiers and civilians were killed, wounded, and missing.

(to top this off there was a pandemic that only spread faster as the war raged on. The Spanish-flu killed more than 50 million more people.)

President Wilson was one of the three men (leaders from Britain and France as well) that was deciding the fate of the world during the Treaty of Versailles (which was signed June 28, 1919). He would propose his fourteen points for a better world. This was suppose to be the “War to end all Wars”. The goal moving forward would be to prevent something like this from happening ever again but mankind cannot be trusted with such a task no matter how hard they may try. In the agreement Germany had to pay. They paid a price so heavy that it sunk their economy and nation to the ground.

Now this man-made treaty did not blow over well. In fact it brought resentment in the hearts of the losing side. Sadly this pursed Germany to embrace a leader that would fight to gain back the country’s pride and honor. This treaty would ultimately spark World War 2.

Treaties made from mankind for mankind only offer superficial peace. Countries may shake hands in front of the cameras but in their hearts the issue has not been resolved. 

The Prophet Ezekiel explains that God wants to make REAL PEACE WITH US. He wants to end the awkward and unfriendly standing relationship with us. He wants to get back to that nice, loving, and good friendship He shared with Adam and Eve that was perfect. 

“Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them and I will place them, and multiply them, and will set my sanctuary among them forever more.”

So God sent Jesus. He came to turn God’s enemies into allies, and allies into family. 

Do not allow past issues to cloud the potential for a bright future. Do not allow pride, and resentment to hold you back from moving forward towards greatness. If we are willing to put our name on His covenant then there can be peace, and this peace will be everlasting! This will be a true armistice. A relationship strengthened to it’s very core. An alliance that is unbreakable! 

God bless

Verses Studied:

  • Ezekiel 37:26

Copyright © 2021 by Jacob Olinger

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