Peace of Mind Part III

My, Devotion to Him #284

There is a difference between being refreshed and overtaken. 

The definition of refreshed is to give new strength or energy.

The definition of overtaken is to engulf, overwhelm, or take by surprise. 

God wants you to come into His presence and leave refreshed. He wants to give you new energy and strength to fight the good fight. You will find that God will not overtake you by force, nor will you feel overwhelmed or taken by surprise. 

God wants us to find relief in His presence, not as though we are being forced. However, we must invite Him in. That is how He flows. He seeks respective hearts. When we are open to Him and allow Him in, it would seem as though a warm stream of waters has started to flow through us. When we decide to let our guard down, surrender to Him fully, He will overtake us, not as an invading army, but as a King whose kingdom has expanded over the land of your heart and the fields of your mind by your request and surrender. 

It is critical to remember it is by our invitation that God comes in. He will not unknowingly or deliberately force His will upon you. Some people are searching and seeking to have some type of peace but have not obtained it. Some are even waiting for God to move and give them the peace they are seeking. They do not recognize they haven’t invited Him in. These people have not surrendered. Instead, the walls are up and defended. A King cannot rule properly if His presence is not over every area. We, as His people, cannot truly live in a state of peace if we do not surrender ourselves. It is in this action we release something into the atmosphere. We are submitting, declaring we are standing down, releasing our power, our authority, the flesh kingdom that has built up inside us, and we are handing over everything to Christ. 

Verse Passage: Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” – NIV.

When we allow Him in, He will fill us up with joy and peace. How wonderful! Do not blow another second without knowing God and having the peace that He desires to supply you.

God bless.

Copyright © 2021 by Jacob Olinger

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