Traits Of A Godly Leader

My, Devotion to Him #151 Leadership is so important for the success of an organization or a nation. Today we will be talking about Godly Leaders and the following traits that they should have.  1. Godliness. Psalm 148:11-13 tells us that Godly Leaders Praise God. Solomon tells us in Proverbs 16:12 that the throne isContinue reading “Traits Of A Godly Leader”

Keys to Faithful Leadership

My, Devotion to Him #145 Keys to Faithful Leadership While the ability to lead is a gift from God the Bible lists principles that must be followed to be a “Christ-like” leader. The following is a discussion of those principles: King David in Psalm 15 lists 10 characteristics of a good leader.  They are asContinue reading “Keys to Faithful Leadership”

Indicators A Church Is Making Disciples

My, Devotion to Him #143 I’ve often heard a lot of stuff said about Discipleship. Some I don’t believe is true and some I think are.  It is true that you can’t necessarily put a number or percentage on discipleship growth, but you can tell over time if it has happened or is happening. Let’sContinue reading “Indicators A Church Is Making Disciples”